I am a Welsh freelance photographer currently based in The Hague, with a particular interest in public health and architecture. My work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, websites and exhibitions around the world, and has won some prizes. Prints of some images are available on request. Home is usually Uganda.
I am proud to serve as a mentor on the Uganda Press Photo Award's Young Photographer mentorship programme. This year I am working with Vanessa Mulondo and Monica Ahairwebyona. In the past I have worked with Zahara Abdul, Andrew Kartende, Immaculate Bashaba and Badru Katumba. Please check out their work and hire them.
I also work as a freelance copywriter, proofreader and editor for projects large and small. Rates are available on request.
If you think my style matches yours and you'd like me to work for you please email willboase at g mail dot com or call me on +31 623 647 069 or WhatsApp me on +256 7788 13489 or DM me on Instagram.
or find me for a beer in The Hague, where I'm studying an MA in Photography and Society at the Royal Academy of Art.
Languages: EN/FR/ES (good/bof/poco)